10th October 2017 - Manchester

12th October 2017 - London


"Many of the BigHand team are at the User Conference, from the guys that provide the support, to the team that are developing the products, so it gives us the chance to have a direct influence on the future product roadmap and share our ideas."


Martyn Wells

IT Director

"I come to the BigHand User Conference because I want to see what the product roadmap is, learn about new products and what they can offer to my firm, and it’s also a great opportunity to network."


Karen Jacks

IT Director
Bird & Bird LLP

"I come to the BigHand events every year because there’s always new and innovative technology that they are introducing which we could use to help our staff at our firm. We love to see what BigHand are working on and it’s a great networking opportunity."


Aaron Donaldson

IT Operations Manager
Clyde & Co LLP

"I found the whole day really useful. We are not a BigHand customer yet and it’s helped us to understand the product range. The breakout sessions were particularly good."


Imran Khushnood

Regional Operations Manager
GVA Property Consultancy

"Coming along to the conference has allowed us to see the developments that BigHand are working on, as well as network with other users to see how they are rolling the products out. We always go away from the conference with better ideas of things we can do to improve the way we work."


Trevor Sleeman

IT Manager and Associate
Holmes & Hills LLP

"The BigHand User Conference is up there with the top ‘must attend’ legal events of the year. This year I will be on stage sharing my experience of using BigHand technology. For me, that is what the BigHand User Conference is all about - learning and hearing from others facing the same business challenges as you."


Tara Layman

National PA Services Manager
Pinsent Masons

"This will be an amazing event. I'm sure nearly every law firm in the UK top 200 and beyond will be there and if you are not with BigHand, then you should be. Amazing product and company."


Darren Armstrong

Netlaw Media

"The BigHand User Conference is a great event, from the speakers at the event to the finer smaller details, and of course the after party. BigHanders are a passionate group of people who really go out of their way to try to understand what their customers want."


Chris White

Global CIO
Clyde & Co LLP

"The main value of this event is the opportunity to talk to the BigHanders, and have them listen! Then, as the products develop over the years, you feel you've had involvement in that development side."


Colin Pendlebury

IT Director
Forbes Solicitors

"I very much enjoy coming to the BigHand User Conference. The BigHanders are great people who go out of their way to help you out."


Victoria Cumming

IT Manager
Bentleys Stokes & Lowless

BigHand is hosting our annual Bighand User Conference 2017

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